Posted on: November 10, 2008 2:04 pm

Samardzija Still a Cub

Chicago Cubs second year pitcher Jeff Samardzija will remain a Cub, as for now. There were rumors of the Notre Dame star wide receiver turned pitcher being involved in the trade for San Diego Padres pitcher Jake Peavy, but Samardzija ha sa no-trade clause. The Cubs are likely to finalize the deal by the first week of December at the latest, and beat our the Atlanta Braves for the 2007 NL Cy Young award winner. It is rumored that the Cubs and Padres are close to a deal that would include prospect CF Felix Pie, veteran shortstop Ronny Cedeno, and pitcher Sean Marshall. The club is also looking into adding another rookie to push the deal over the top, possibly including Donald Veal and Kevin Hart.

The move could be great for the Padres, who saw a lot of promise in their 2007 season. But after winning only 63 games last year, the Padres are looking to get younger and look to the future. If the trade does happen, look for Felix Pie and DOnald Veal/Kevin Hart putting up some huge numbers in the next few years.

As for the cubs, acquiring Peavy would be amazing. They would hopefully re-sign Ryan Dempster, and if so, would most likely get rid of Jason Marquis. A starting Rotation of Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Rich Harden, Jake Peavy and Ted Lilly would sure be an amazing site for the Chicago faithful.

The one thing Bucs fans can be happy now, is that fan favorite Jeff Samardzija will be bleeding Cubbie blue for as long as he desires.
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Posted on: November 10, 2008 1:52 pm

Who will win the Big XII South?

With only a few weeks left in the college football regular season, they Big XII South is up for grabs between four teams. Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma state are all up for the top spot, and the chance to play Missouri in the Big XII Championship. In the end there may be a tiebreaker.

Texas Tech: 10-0: Defeated No. 23 Kansas, No. 1 Texas, No. 9 Oklahoma State
Losses None
Remaining Schedule- @ No. 5 Oklahoma, vs Baylor

Texas: 9-1: Defeated No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 11 Missouri, No. 6 Oklahoma State
Losses No. 7 Texas Tech
Remaining Schedule- @ Kansas, vs Texas A&M

Oklahoma: 9-1 : Defeated No. 24 TCU, No. 16 Kansas
Losses No. 5 Texas
Remaining Schedule- No. 2 Texas Tech, @ No. 13 Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State: 8-2 Defeated No. 3 Missouri
Losses No 1 Texas, No. 2 Texas Tech
Remaining Schedule- @ Colorado, No. 5 Oklahoma

Texas will win out, having to only play the Jayhawks and the Aggies. For Oklahoma to have a chance at going to the championship, they will also have to win out to have the same record as Texas. Oklahoma has to play the hot Texas Tech team, coming off back to back top-10 victories. Against Nebraska, Tech looked sloppy on D, but have refound themselves, and are a true powerhouse in the country. If they win out, they no doubt will play in KC in December. If they happen to lose to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State, there would be a three way tie in the South. According to the rules, the winner is whichever team is ranked higher in the BCS< in this circumstance, that would most likely be Oklahoma. If they can beat Tech and Oklahoma State, they will hop over Texas to be in the top 3.

But who knows? Every game could go any way, and thats what makes college football the greatest sport in our country.

My prediction is that Texas Tech will beat Oklahoma, In Norman, and finish the regular season undefeated. They will then go to Kansas City to play in the Big XII championship where they will have the chance to play Mizzou.

Last year in Columbia, Mizzou defeated Tech 41-10, as Graham Harell threw for almost 400 yards and a TD, but also threw four picks, one of which was returned for a Missouri touchdown. It will sure be the biggest game of the season for all of College Football. Having Harell/Crabtree vs Daniel/Maclin would be huge. The number one decider of college football games is home field advantage. The game will be played in Kansas City, and I believe that Missouri will get the win over Tech, with the home crowd overpowering the Red Raider faithful.

Also, watch for Missouri's Derrick Washington. He is Mizzou's unsung hero, leading the nation in scoring. The Sophomore from South of KC has put together 781 yards on the ground with 14 touchdowns, and 205 receiving yards with 2 touchdowns. He currently averages 6.0 yards per rush, and is the perfect weapon for Chase Daniel when the defense expects the pass. Maclin, Tommy Saunders and Chase Coffman will be the key to the game. If they can spread the D to the sidelines, Missouri's spread offense will open huge holes for Washington to take advantage of.

It'll be a great last 2 weeks of the football season. I know I will be in KC the last weekend to watch Kansas play Missouri, and I'll return to Arrowhead Stadium the following week for the Big XII Championship. It looks as if the Big XII has finally taken over the status of being the "powerhouse" in the country, edging out the SEC.

Even though I think Missouri can defeat Texas Tech, i believe Tech should get the nod for the championship, being 12-1. If not, BCS No. 3 Texas will move up and take the spot at 11-1.

BCS Bowl Prediction

National Championship: Alabama vs Texas Tech/Texas

Fiesta: Missouri vs Ohio State

Rose: Penn State vs USC

Sugar: Florida vs Boise State

Orange: North Carolina vs Utah
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Cubs Trade Rumors/2009 Outlook

With the winter meetings a month away, i has been reported that Padres pitcher Jake Peavy has interest from the Dodgers and the Braves, but the front runner right now is the Cubs. Peavy would be able to bring a huge veteran to the rotation, and could replace Jason Marquis. If the Cubs could then re-sign Ryan Dempster, their rotation could potentially be:

1. Carlos Zambrano
2. Ryan Dempster
3. Rich Harden
4. Jake Peavy
5. Ted Lilly

Without a doubt, this rotation would be best in the majors. The only problem ahead seems to be signing Dempster. Some say he will never have a season like this past season, but having Carlos Marmol and free-agent Kerry Wood in the bull-pen, the Cubs would look unstopable in their 64th season since appearing in a world series and 101st since winning it all.

Another question they have is in the outfield. Kosuke Fukudome wasn't everything the Cubs hoped he would be, and a veteran leader in right, possibly a left handed hitter, would be a huge upgrade. Center field will need some attention also, as it is likely that Jim Edmonds will retire. Center field will have a competition between Reed Johnson, Felix Pie, and Micah Hoffpauir. Hoffpauir looked great at the end of the season when he was added to the extended roster. As for right field, the Cubs could move Mark DeRosa, or again, trade up for a proven lefty veteran.

The infield is stacked, with Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa, Ryan Theriot, Aramis Ramirez, and NL ROY Geovany Soto. The only rumors that have been swirling around have been about trading away Derrek Lee for a younger power lefty first baseman, or even starting Hoffpauir at first. Though Hoffpauir has only batted 73 times in the majors, the 28 year old is coming to his prime. Cubs fans are buzzing about his potential, and it may be time to bring him up to the roster in April.

All in all, the Cubs seem to have a few holes to fill this offseason. Their first priorities are resigning Dempster, and making the trade for Peavy. THe trade for Peavy could be great for the team, but could mix the field up a bit, if the have to offer players like Pie, Hoffpauir, or any other young stud.
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